The Process: Merchant
  • Register to be a "Merchant" at HRS site
  • Open a Merchant account by completing the registration process (To know more on how to open a Merchant Account with HRS, please click here)
  • As part of the registration, you must create a Login ID and a Password to facilitate subsequent access to HRS. Your password is intended to provide security against unauthorized access and use of your HRS account. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the Registration Data.
  • After the completion of registration process, you can login to your account to help customers make the payments.
Enter Details
  • After login, you select the billers and payees. To see the list of various billers and payees, click here.
  • Enter Amount: Enter the amount the customer wish to pay
  • Accept Terms: HRS will present the Terms and Conditions of using its services. Click “Accept” to proceed with the payment process.
Cash Payment
  • Request is then processed.
  • This data is verified and an indication is sent to the POS machine/PC for receipt generation.
  • HRS confirms the successful submission of the form and Payment Location Clerk collects the amount from the customer.
  • The receipt contains a unique confirmation number (Transaction ID) for the payment.