About HRS
HRS is a One-Stop Bill Payment Service Provider, focused on leveraging the potential of Internet to better organize and manage utility payments for cash-preferred customers, while dodging the downsides of traditional bill payment services. HRS is conceptualized with a vision of simplifying utility bill payment process, offering billers and customers a comprehensive distribution and service network.

At HRS, we are committed to create one-stop destination to manage all your utility bill payment needs by implementing innovative solutions for simplifying payments and collections; and rendering the opportunities offered by the Internet into customer delight through efficient services.

HRS is focused on providing a compelling service that will simplify bill payments for the advantage of customers; deliver on reliability, efficiency and performance; and most importantly, provide a network for the benefit of cash-preferred customers. Harness the power of Internet to pay your bills. Eliminate the hassle and streamline your payments with HRS.